A brilliant activation by #WeAreSparks, a total space transformation resulting in a truly remarkable experience for those invited to UNITY Headquarters in downtown San Francisco, CA. to get an intimate look at an amazing company.

Cooper Tire TMC 2018

Designed and produced by The 20×20 Exhibit Company, this fresh look made its debut at the TMC 2018 show in Atlanta, GA. The design incorporated an intricate modular sign and marked the first time Cooper Tire made use of theatrical lighting for this program.

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Samsung CES 2018

Another stunning project for the MC2 team with a remarkable execution for Samsung at CES 2018. Creating the environment of a cityscape, the marquee property presented innovative solutions across a dynamic range of applications.

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Salesforce NRF 2018

Designed and produced by Sparks Exhibits, this colorful, whimsical and textural space gave the Salesforce team a unique environment for them to engage their many visitors.


Otter Products CES 2018

Designed and produced by MC-2, the Otter Products booth is a great example of how lighting in any space can directly showcase a product and set the brand experience for your audience.

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Panasonic CES 2018

100 Years of Panasonic, a truly innovative and remarkable company! Designed and produced by Czarknowski this show space spanned two levels of the LVCC and contained theatrical lighting and an amazing amount of audio visual integrated projection technology throughout.

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This elegant property designed and produced by Sparks Exhibits provided for a calm and relaxing environment on an otherwise flashy floor. The long curvlinear shapes drawing attendees in and back through the space showed the depth and volume of the entire booth.


Aristocrat G2E 2017

This brand new property designed and produced by Sparks Exhibits presented a really colorful, unified look across a vast property. With lots of buzz and excitement, ATI really added quite a bit of splash to the floor!

Canon PRINT 2017

MC-2 demonstrating the outstanding capabilities of the Canon Print team and the magic they produce. Color-corrected lighting for the gallery was the most interesting to see, other than the great machines Canon is known for.


Designed and produced by 2-Scale, this first-ever property made its debut at the inaugural Technology In Motion in Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI.