G2E 2023

G2E 2023

What a wonderful show we have here…a FLYING PIG!!  The MC2 Experience team was hard at work for Light and Wonder with another fantastic debut property featuring elegant graphic walls, sculpted hanging elements along with the super-star activation for the Netflix new Squid Game slot machine, complete with Steve Aoki taking the first spin, then cranking out a custom mix, and a pig flew in!

And folks wonder why everyone in the shows and events industry are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of these moments, time after time, as shows open every year, new properties, new style, advanced tech, just amazing to see, packed show floors, it’s awesome!

Our thanks to our partners MC2 Experience, NMR Events, 4Wall Entertainment, Alpine Rigging, and the wonderfully talented team from IATSE #720, crushing it as always.

Many thanks of course to our own Ken Moreland, special thanks to Dean Brown, Gina Brown and Chris Hetherington, outstanding work by all, thank you.

Be back soon with another cool project!