Educational Resource Center

Introducing a new resource center for exhibit and event professionals, education professionals and interested students as a place to share ideas, provide solutions for one another and create a learning environment aimed at improving the dialogue of those who share a talent, passion and love for not only theatrical lighting, but the industry as a whole.

Lighting Design Theory

Principals of Theatrical Lighting: The following is re-printed with permission of Andrew Billiau, Associate Professor University of Arts

The following is re-printed with permission of Bill Williams, Lighting Designer


Stage Lighting Equipment

Exhibit Lighting for Shows and Events

Are you expecting to work directly with the lighting designer, or are you working with a production company, or an exhibit house, asking the right questions.  Staff composition: LD, ALD, ME, Master Rigger, Programmer, Utility.

Considerations from the actual “lighting rig” design (silver, black, curved), to accounting for hanging signs, cable management, building obstructions (know what’s in your space), weight/load calculations

Make sure your design team has accounted for the space, access and ventilation and show staff required to run your system, including providing separate real estate for Lighting and A/V and why.  Examples of control room fails, why inaccessible dimming will result in additional cost, exposes risk.