CES 2022 Gets Things Rolling into the new year with gusto!

CES 2022 Gets Things Rolling into the new year with gusto!

Where to start? After 25 years plus of CES shows, missing one made this one all the more special, to be back on the floor, all of us working together proves that given time, there is nothing we cannot collectively accomplish.

So many people to thank, please know our deepest and most sincere thanks to the following booths who engaged us and never faltered even through unimaginable logistics challenges, misinformation, rumors, and flat-out chaos to make this show happen. In no order, we’d like to thank Panasonic, SK Telecom, Samsung, The United States Postal Service, Samsung First Look and Bosch. All very special clients to us.

As always, a very special thanks of course to our client teams and our remarkable vendor teams at 4Wall Entertainment LAS, Brent Armstrong and the Alpine Rigging team and Alex Giotis at AG Design & Management.

The Fine Design staff was led by Ken Moreland included Dean Brown, Drew Billiau, John-Paul Szczepanski, Karl Bontrager, Glenn Bowman, Seth Weldon, Chris Frey, Don McIntosh, Christopher Hetherington, John Stewart, Alec Bernstein, Melissa Lionetti, Jason Mack and the magnificent Ken Brown all supported by our amazing production manager Kari Swanson and the always superb Local 720 IATSE who makes our work possible, for that we Fine Design is collectively thankful, and very grateful for the chance to be working at making things look pretty.

Thank you, be well, be safe, hope to see everyone out and about soon.