Executive Briefing Centers

Trust Fine Design Associates, Inc. for the best in Permanent Installation Lighting. Our IES accredited design staff will assist you and your team in all aspects from site surveys/light metering, fixture selection, installation and long-term service plans for your corporate briefing center, retail space or live entertainment and dining space.

Please allow us to assist you with the following tasks on your next project:

  • Research and select/specify appropriate lighting fixtures paying particular attention to   current technology, architectural integration, economic, and sustainability issues.
  • Generate conceptual diagrams and renderings to communicate design concepts.
  • Existing corporate theatrical/auditorium system refurbish.
  • Integration/programming of LED systems in exhibit properties, either for a refurbish or new builds.
  • Survey existing conditions to determine potential lighting improvements and identify operating cost savings.
  • Interface with you and your end users to determine space programming and design considerations.
  • Run calculations to validate design choices prior to installation using AGI32, Ecotect, Radiance, Daysim and similar programs.
  • Provide lighting drawings (lighting plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans, etc), fixture cut sheets, fixture schedules and control schedules.
  • Direct focus (aiming) and commissioning onsite and conduct post-occupancy usability surveys.