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Fine Design Associates, Inc. is a theatrical lighting design firm proudly serving the industry for over 30 years in the field of exhibit lighting, trade show lighting, theatrical production, live event lighting and special event lighting.

From the Road

Unpacked ’24 Product Experience

Hello and good day everyone! For all the designers out there, those of you who are skilled in the art of CAD, I proudly present this rare picture of being able to obtain the “birds eye view”. As a lighting partner, we see it as our job to make it look exactly like what the … Continued

G2E 2023

What a wonderful show we have here…a FLYING PIG!!  The MC2 Experience team was hard at work for Light and Wonder with another fantastic debut property featuring elegant graphic walls, sculpted hanging elements along with the super-star activation for the Netflix new Squid Game slot machine, complete with Steve Aoki taking the first spin, then … Continued

WOW!! CES 2023!

What an amazing show, we are so pleased to have supported such a diverse group of design-builders from all over the globe, coming together and taking these projects from the page to the stage is something we are grateful to have been a small part of. Of course, none of this is possible without the … Continued

The Great Train Set, Liberty Science Center

[arve url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sImtO7COvrw" /] This wonderful display included hundreds of channels of control for lighting and animations all meticulously built by the artists at Art Guild and Proof Productions, beautifully installed for everyone to see! Kindest, Paul

When I look at some of the award winning work we have produced over the years, there is frequently a common denominator on the team: Fine Design. When real theatrical lighting and dramatic presentations are a must, we seek out Paul for his deep knowledge, comprehensive solutions and excellent delivery. I always know that the lighting component of our projects will be carried out flawlessly and on budget.
Rich McAdam, President MC2 Exhibits
In my over a decade of working with Paul Fine and his team he has been a true creative partner and collaborator. From the innovation he brings to lighting a trade show booth to how he expertly can light a motorcycle like no other, making the chrome shine and gleam like no other. From agency to agency I have been a part of, I was happy to bring along Paul for the ride.
Chuck Santoro - Partner, Chief Creative Proscenium
Exhibit lighting is something that has to be absolutely right the first time because you don’t get a second chance.  It’s like fireworks, or a wedding reception, it has to be perfect the first time. When you only have one chance to get the meal just right, you absolutely need a talented, experienced chef like Paul and his team in the kitchen.
Mark Bendickson Designer + Principal exhibitdesign

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