Trust our staff to bring your special event to life with our proven brand of theatrical lighting.  Any type of live presentation, meeting or party can employ a lighting strategy that adds the WOW! to your live event lighting.

We start with your needs and go from there.  We will do a detailed site inspection covering everything from the venue specifications to the in-house electrical capabilities and even take a look at the logistics of loading your event in and out safely, smoothly, and on time, within budget.

New product reveal lighting and special product reveals must go off without a hitch, especially with a sophisticated and ever increasing press corp. and the instant public relations power of social media.  We’ve partnered in many high profile product reveals from products ranging from as small as a cell phone to as large as a front-end loaderWe are happy to help you build your production team to create that magic moment when your product reveal goes live, and you only get one chance, so invest in a quality design team capable of delivering outstanding lighting in a high profile situation.

Holding a press conference to discuss a new product, introduce your newest CEO to the world, or looking to create a marketing buzz?  Make sure it doesn’t look one-dimensional without the best press conference lighting, especially with cameras and video present.  We’ll make sure your press conference lighting is a success and that every aspect of the event is covered in our lighting design, from the podium or dais to the entire room or even the outside of the building, we’ll employ a stage lighting design to set your event apart and send the press home happy.

Introducing our Sales Meeting Production Services. If you are holding a destination management event for your clients or dealers or are creating a special event for your customers, lighting must be considered in all aspects of the project.  Allow us to make it memorable for you.  From the welcome reception, keynotes, breakouts, to the awards and closing banquet, we can handle it all…anywhere, from Hawaii to New York City.

Special Promotion Lighting. Want to enhance your special promotion with searchlights or automated lighting and special effects to draw a crowd?  We can help you develop a plan to incorporate theatrical stage lighting for your project.  Indoors or out, your promotion will benefit from the high visibility our lighting will deliver.

If your company is having a special corporate event for your employees or rolling out the newest car or jet in a corporate show environment, or opening a state of the art facility to the press, please consider Fine Design Associates, Inc. as your source for the corporate special event lighting you will need to make your corporate event a success!

Want to turn your production facility into a high-tech club?  Need to celebrate 100 years of service to your customers?  Our corporate shows and special event lighting and audio packages will have you covered.

Every convention association has a general session, lighting design is always the first place to start.  With the advent of digital lighting and advanced projection techniques, even the most straightforward general session will need a capable lighting design team which understands the true importance of getting it right for the camera, or Image Magnification (IMAG).  Need to turn a standard pipe and drape stage into an exciting visual setting?  Allow us to provide a general session lighting and production system that provids dramatic and colorful background effects.

Need an audio system to go with it?  We can do that too!

Be the center of attention with focused, correct and specific lighting so your corporate classes and sales/product training sessions look professional.  Training meeting lighting production at Fine Design Associates, Inc. will make sure that your chosen venue, be it on a corporate property, hotel ballroom, convention center or entertainment venue is transformed into a team-oriented, branded environment tailored to your specific needs.

A-List talent for private events, or a major musical event or tour always requires spectacular concert lighting, make sure you’re covered and have the knowledge and great service of Fine Design Associates, Inc. on your team.  Our experienced and well-travelled touring staff can fulfill your production needs, from designing a portable touring lighting rig to providing the dedicated staff to manage it the entire length of the engagement, from private rehearsals to a nationwide, multiple city tour encompassing any venue from theaters, to concert halls to fairgrounds.

Fine Design Associates, Inc, is fully capable of handling any type of corporate event from internal corporate policy meetings to major sales meetings, product reveals or press and special event lighting.  If your internal shows and events group is turning the corporate cafeteria into an awards ceremony and you want to liven it up with stage lighting, we will be happy to help transform any standard space into a themed environment for your audience with business theatre lighting.

Taking your newest product or experiential marketing program on tour?  You’ll need the best promotional tour lighting and production support available. Count on Fine Design Associates, Inc. to take on the task of lighting a multi-city tour or provide support for your marketing and promotional events on the road.

Are you executing a promotional tour that follows all the major music festivals?  Or perhaps you require an experienced team to pull of a buzz-generating experiential marketing tour by setting up a temporary showroom in the middle of a major transportation hub?  We’ve done that.  Trust Fine Design Associates, Inc. to assist you with the most demanding, aggressive and rigorous lighting production you can dream of.