Setting the mood is our mission.  Your booth, stand lighting, exhibition or exhibit lighting can be the singular defining element.  Specializing in Exhibit and Trade show event lighting, widely experienced and recognized on a national level throughout the Exhibit industry, including Fine Design Associates, Inc. on your project will make your exhibit sparkle.  If you have specialized product that needs a specific lighting treatment, we can do it.  If your exhibit has multiple presentations, stages or performance areas, we can provide unique, individual lighting plans for every aspect of your booth.

Are you exhibiting at a trade show and want to use lighting to set yourself apart from the group?  Your custom exhibit will need majestic theatrical trade show lighting to make your environment unforgettable.  We will develop a lighting solution that is right for you. If you are exhibiting in the auto industry and need car show lighting, or if you are a medical company and need a refined and dignified environment we can do that too.  In the last 20 years we’ve participated in a broad range of business segments from home electronics and telecommunications to heavy construction and tractor-trailer shows.  If you are an association and require the entire exhibit hall to be lit, we’d be delighted to work with you.

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Customer Reviews

Exhibit lighting is something that has to be absolutely right the first time because you don’t get a second chance.  It’s like fireworks, or a wedding reception, it has to be perfect the first time.  When you only have one chance to get the meal just right, you absolutely need a talented, experienced chef like Paul and his team in the kitchen.

~ Mark Bendickson – Designer + Principal exhibitdesign

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