Fine Design @ CES 2022 Video Recap

Fine Design @ CES 2022 Video Recap

Hello and good day everyone!

Please look at this video showing our time at CES 2022 in support of Czarnowski and MC2 who between the two took the lion’s share of the Exhibitor Magazine Best of CES ’22 Awards.  We are grateful to have been included in 4 of the 20 amazing projects in the running.

When you get to see these spaces being built all around you and you can watch it come to life brings a joy that comes with shows and events like no other.  Congratulations to everyone for an awesome CES ’22.

From the page to the stage and back again, it’s one heck of a journey, thanks for taking us along.

This is for all the remarkably talented and dedicated folks in all facets of this incredible industry who made CES ’22 possible.

Be well, hope to see everyone out and about soon!