Topic: Hybrid Event Lighting

GE Appliances KBIS 2022

Good day, and greetings everyone! This has been a magnificent year for the Fine Design team, capturing another team “Best in Show” for our work in support of Deckle & Moneypenny and Czarnowski on the massive GE appliances property at KBIS 2022 in Orlando, FL. Such a wide range (pun intended) of products and services, … Continued


Keysight Technologies LED Signs

Designed and Produced by Art Guild – Exhibits Division. Photo By Christopher J. Hetherington, CJH Lighting Do something special. Deliver your brand in light. Safe, clean, outstanding brand-specific LED light. Own your mood, flex your color.


GE Appliances KBIS 2021

Designed and Produced by Deckel & Moneypenny Exhibits for GE Appliances to showcase what can truly be done, trailblazing in the Covid Era Hybrid Event space . After a year of what wondering…waiting, the feeling of being on the show floor, however far removed felt fantastic and I truly hope we all get the chance … Continued