It seems every few months there’s a new LED lighting product on the market.  How do you keep it straight?  Let Fine Design Associates, Inc. provide your solution for LED lighting fixtures and see to it that your project employs the latest technology and efficiency in LED lighting.  If you are looking for an LED wall wash system, cove lighting, or a direct-view LED fixture, we will assist you in finding the correct fixture for your entire lighting project or specific application.  We are able to provide a host of state of the art technology in the new DMX enabled “Smart-Track” or “EUTRACK” by Rosco, and “Data Track” by Altman Lighting.   We love the new “Miro-Cube 4C and Mirocube WNC” by Rosco, the “Opti Tri White LED PAR” by Elation, and of course all of the Color Kinetics fixtures by Phillips; ColorBlast TRX series, Colorforce series, iWBlast12TR, and ColorcoveMX.  Our LED solutions can be comprised of multi color temperature while light, or RGB, RGBA and are all specifically tailored to fit your needs.  We also sell control systems by ETC, including the “SceneStation 3” by Interactive Technologies and the iPlayer as well.