United States Postal Service: National Postal Forum 2022

United States Postal Service: National Postal Forum 2022

Good day and hello everyone!

One of the best things about our work is that sometimes we get a repeat project, and it’s always about ‘what did we learn and how can we apply it’ moving forward, in lighting that is extremely important to remember.  The benefits in lessons learned speak volumes the second time out after this USPS debuted with an award-winning appearance at CES ’22, in support of Czarnowski for this important forum where the floor was centered around the anchor USPS booth.

Further, our Postmaster General Louis DeJoy was in attendance, it was so very cool, and it has really given me an extra appreciation for the men and women of the USPS and makes me hold my head maybe a little higher than others when I go the post office.  Brand Loyalty!

Thank you as always to our outstanding production staff @James Cooper as led by Senior Designer Ken Moreland, 4Wall LAS for yet another job well done, and @Melissa Lionetti of @OSACORP for her continued excellence in programming.

Thank you all for having a look