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Keysight Technologies

Designed and Produced by Art Guild – Exhibits Division. Photo By Christopher J. Hetherington, CJH Lighting Do something special. Deliver your brand in light. Safe, clean, outstanding brand-specific LED light. Own your mood, flex your color. Fine Design associates, Inc.

Samsung CES 2020

A fresh look and new decade with the Samsung booth at CES 2020 showcasing the 8K QLED, The Wall, The Serif, Micro LED and the incredible SERO and a host of other amazing products and technologies from the wildly popular Samsung stand at CES 2020 this year in Las Vegas, NV.


AAD 2019 in DC

We had a wonderful return to AAD (Dermatology) in Washington, D.C., we were very fortunate to debut the new fresh look in support of Access TCA for the Dermia QBrexza brand! To simulate the “cloth-like” element of the product (a clinical wipe), we employed a Kinetic Lighting system to compose different looks with very subtle … Continued

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MATS 2019 in Louisville, KY

Another visit back to MATS with a larger presence on the show floor with Cooper Tires making great use of the hanging signs to illuminate the product below.  Making use of high output automated lights we were able to produce enough light to make the tires pop, a difficult task when lighting a black material.

AbbVie AAD 2019

Another beautiful iteration of the AbbVie Humira property by Czarnowski with a nice integration of lighting and LED tile walls to create movement in texture with the booth anchored by a beautiful SEG fabric wall.

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CES 2019 Exhibit Lighting

It is always awesome starting out with what is always our biggest project of the year, the mighty Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.  Going back for many years, this show is very special to all of us at Fine Design, me in particular for the amazing projects we’ve been included in … Continued