GE Appliances KBIS 2022

GE Appliances KBIS 2022

Good day, and greetings everyone!

This has been a magnificent year for the Fine Design team, capturing another team “Best in Show” for our work in support of Deckle & Moneypenny and Czarnowski on the massive GE appliances property at KBIS 2022 in Orlando, FL.

Such a wide range (pun intended) of products and services, it was so much fun to watch this award-winning team in action, from the wide sweeping vistas of the Café booth, or the spiffy, decked out Monogram, to the cool colors of Profile, or the Hot Point section showing how tough these products are, so cool!

Many, many thanks to our partners, vendors and friend who allowed to work on this magnificent project.  These names include 4Wall and Alpine Rigging and our trusted local staff who always come through like champs!

Special shout to the fabulous OCCC rigging department always rocking the beams, we appreciate it.

Until the next project, thank you so much for looking.

Have a great day!