WOW!! CES 2023!

What an amazing show, we are so pleased to have supported such a diverse group of design-builders from all over the globe, coming together and taking these projects from the page to the stage is something we are grateful to have been a small part of.

Of course, none of this is possible without the outstanding partnership of so many different folks. Thank you to our fantastic clients at MC2 & Czarnowski and their amazing exhibitors who bring it every year, all our incredible vendors at 4Wall LAS, Alpine Rigging and AG Design & Management, our totally badass #720 teams, and everyone out there who helped along the way, the we are so very grateful for your excellent help. Thank you.

Lastly, to the wildly talented Fine Design team, thank you one and all for being the best of the best:

Kari Swanson, Devon Rea Brooke, John Stewart, Don McIntosh, Chris Frey, Christopher Hetherington, Ken Moreland, Glenn Bowman, Karl Bontrager, Drew Billiau, Seth Weldon. Alec Berstein, John-Paul Szczepanski, Dean Brown, Gina Brown, Robbie Sphen, Jason Mack, Melissa Lionetti, Ron Konsur, Jeramy Morin, Tyler Dewey, Joe Lamatrice, Shannon Wood, James Cooper, Ken Brown and Michael Berry. I tried to capture everyone, but for sure there are a few I missed, just the same, your collective work is incredible, thank you so much.

Be well, everyone, looking forward to continuing our run into a wicked-strong 2023!

All the best,