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Fine Design Associates, Inc. is a theatrical lighting design firm proudly celebrating 20 years experience in the field of exhibit lighting, trade show lighting, theatrical production, live event lighting and special event lighting.

From the Road

Canon CES 2017

A beautiful and fresh new look for Canon CES 2017 by MC-2 provided for a lovely, bright, open vista to take in a colorful reflection on the forward looking vision of the Canon products and system applications.


Bosch CES 2017 Exhibit Lighting

A new major player in Central Hall this year, Bosch presented a fantastic Euro-style stand via Czarnowski GmbH/USA to bring a little sizzle to the floor with high quality products and even the high tech production methods used to make them on display. Wonderful effort on the main floor by this group!

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GE Healthcare RSNA ’16

Another fabulous effort by Stamm Media Technology and Elite Exhibits supported by Renaissance and Fine Design to once again create the amazing vista presented in looking at the entire GE booth. Photos courtesy of the magnificent Padgett & Co. team.

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RJ Reynolds NACS 2016

This is a brand new environment for the RJ Reynolds booth, designed and built by MC-2. This very nicely executed Brand City provided a wonderful backdrop to the expansive product portfolio always showcased by the fantastic RJR team.

Kennametal IMTS 2016

As designed and executed by Heilmaier GmbH Messedesign for our show in Chicago. Once again showcasing the high performance machining and manufacturing products of Kennametal we were able to use dynamic high output daylighting to feature this stand in a nice, clean manner.


Konami G2E 2016

A spectacular design by Sparks Exhibits that heavily featured the synthesis of LED lighting and tension fabric hanging elements presented a unique design platform to enhance an already exciting product line at the Konami booth.


Harley-Davidson ADM ’16

An amazing roll out of the brand new Milwaukee-Eight Twin V engine, the first new twin motor from HOG in 15 years! This event, produced by the amazing visionary team at Proscenium put the iconic Harley-Davison brand front and center for its American Dealers as the HOG team showcased the new motors, new bike models … Read More >

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When I look at some of the award winning work we have produced over the years, there is frequently a common denominator on the team: Fine Design. When real theatrical lighting and dramatic presentations are a must, we seek out Paul for his deep knowledge, comprehensive solutions and excellent delivery. I always know that the lighting component of our projects will be carried out flawlessly and on budget.
Rich McAdam, President MC2 Exhibits
In my over a decade of working with Paul Fine and his team he has been a true creative partner and collaborator. From the innovation he brings to lighting a trade show booth to how he expertly can light a motorcycle like no other, making the chrome shine and gleam like no other. From agency to agency I have been a part of, I was happy to bring along Paul for the ride.
Chuck Santoro - Partner, Chief Creative Proscenium
Exhibit lighting is something that has to be absolutely right the first time because you don’t get a second chance.  It’s like fireworks, or a wedding reception, it has to be perfect the first time. When you only have one chance to get the meal just right, you absolutely need a talented, experienced chef like Paul and his team in the kitchen.
Mark Bendickson Designer + Principal exhibitdesign

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