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Samsung CES 2017

As always, the remarkably diverse space of the Samsung property, complete with a stunning entrance and beautiful interior space, was a show stopper! Executed by McKinney and MC2 this property is always the most intricate and challenging space as light and lighting control technology has become a major factor in the presentation of the Samsung … Continued

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Bosch CES 2017 Exhibit Lighting

A new major player in Central Hall this year, Bosch presented a fantastic Euro-style stand via Czarnowski GmbH/USA to bring a little sizzle to the floor with high quality products and even the high tech production methods used to make them on display. Wonderful effort on the main floor by this group!

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Panasonic CES 2016 Exhibit Lighting

Once again, the Panasonic space was extremely clever in how they chose to showcase their myriad of products. Designed and produced by the Czarnowski team, the Smart House, the stadium, the auto and avionics areas all provided the perfect platform to demonstrate just how much a part of our lives Panasonic is and continues to … Continued

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CES 2013 Hisense Exhibit Lighting

Wrapping Up a Great CES 2013

ICES 2013, the International Consumer Electronics Show, or “CES” is the hallmark of all things tech.  As an experienced lighting design team, Fine Design will conclude show operations with the final trucks to leave the famed Las Vegas Convention Center, or the LVCC.  Being among the first teams to load in and begin the arduous … Continued

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