Using tension fabric and lighting to create branding

Upon completing the CTIA ’14 show in Las Vegas, NV where Fine Design Associates, Inc. provided theatrical lighting for the Samsung Telecom booth, we wanted to share some thoughts on how best to use lighting and projection together on SEG walls (silicone edged graphics).

Senior Designer Ken Moreland of the Fine Design NY office, worked in concert with Derse, the exhibit designers and producer, tension fabric vendor Dimension Design, and the projection team so create a massive kinetic message through the art of lighting. Both front and back lighting coupled with front digital projection used the fabric as a translucent canvas that created a kinetic brand message that dominated the space.

Projecting lifestyle messaging and lighting the printed fabric wall from the front to partially opaque the wall surface, but also using a significant amount of back lighting and playing off its translucency really was key in making the wall come alive. The entire team took a good amount of time and completed a shop demo in which lighting was applied to several different printed fabric test swatches to determine the final specification. That time spent was instrumental in completing a successful treatment.